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What’s New in iOS 11.2 Beta 1

iOS 11.1 isn’t even out yet and we now have the iOS 11.2 developer beta 1 to play around with. It looks like we’re using the final build of the iOS 11.1 and the stable build should be available for everyone in the next couple of days (coinciding with the iPhone X release). The iOS 11.2 beta doesn’t bring all the feature we’ve been waiting for (Apple Pay Cash in Messages, iMessages on iCloud). But it does bring AirPlay 2 functionality. Here’s everything that’s new in this update. 1. AirPlay 2 Support If you’ve got an Apple TV running on the latest software, you can now test AirPlay 2 functionality. AirPlay 2 feature lets you control the audio output of multiple connected devices from your iPhone. These devices can be playing different media, independently and all you have to do is open the Now Playing widget in Control Center to see a list of all available devices (right now it’s Apple TV, in the future, HomePod will be listed here as well). Tap on another device from the list and you’…

How to get started with Story Remix in Photos on Windows 10

Check out how you can start using the Story Remix experience included with the Photos app for Windows 10. Microsoft is touting the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update as a new version to inspire the creativity within all of us, and one way the company is doing just that is with the new Photos app. Alongside the visual changes incorporating Microsoft's Fluent Design, the Photos app introduces Story Remix, which is a new experience that makes it super easy to take your pictures and videos to create videos that bring your content to life with transitions, 3D effects, soundtracks, and styles. Story Remix is very similar to the old Windows Movie Maker but reimagined for Windows 10 with Microsoft's deep learning technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) that finds relevant content and automatically creates videos that you can keep, share, edit, and delete. Of course, with the Photos app, you can always create your own videos. In this Windows 10 guide, we'll show you the new Photo…

Nokia 2 hands-on: It's all about the battery

The Nokia 2 offers two-day battery life along with the promise of timely updates. HMD Global launched three budget devices this year — the Nokia 3, 5, and 6 — and its latest handset is its most affordable yet. The Nokia 2 will retail for €99, and is aimed at first-time buyers looking to make the switch from feature phones. At the outset, the Nokia 2 has a lot going for it. The phone shares a similar design aesthetic as other Nokia-branded phones, including a metal frame milled out of series 6000 aluminum. The design and build quality make the Nokia 2 stand tall in this category, and it's great to see HMD lavish such attention to detail on a budget phone. While the frame of the phone is metal, the back itself is made out of polycarbonate, and the matte finish improves the grip. The 5-inch form factor makes the device ideal for one-handed usage. The 720p panel is also one of the better screens in the budget segment, and it's protected by Gorilla Glass 3. That said, it's bee…

Apple Seeds iOS 11.2 Beta 1 to Developers

Apple today officially seeded the latest developer beta software for the latest iteration of iOS. Today, Apple seeded the first developer beta of iOS 11.2. This first developer seed follows in line with the public launch of iOS 11.0.3 earlier in October. Meanwhile, Apple is still also currently beta testing iOS 11.1, but that software should be released soon, along wit the public launch of the iPhone X later this week. Registered developers can download the iOS 11.2 beta from Apple’s dedicated Developer Center. If the proper configuration profile is installed in the iOS device of choice, the new pre-release software can also be downloaded and installed as an over-the-air update. Apple also has the public beta program, but there is no word on when a public beta of this latest beta will be released for the public beta testers. It may arrive sometime this week. As it stands right now, there is no word on what is different or new in the first iOS 11.2 beta. However, it is possible that it…

Google offers new findings on Russian disinformation across its products

Just a day before tech’s big Russia-focused Congressional hearings begin, Google is out with a new report on the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the U.S. presidential election across its platforms. “While we have found only limited activity on our services, we will continue to work to prevent all of it, because there is no amount of interference that is acceptable,” Google wrote in its latest blog post on the issue, titled “Security and disinformation in the U.S. 2016 election.” Google’s report appears to be limited to accounts with observable ties to the Internet Research Agency, a Russian state-affiliated organization that produces political disinformation and sock puppet accounts. That narrowed scope is possibly an effort to appease Congress with some hard numbers, so it’s worth keeping in mind that we don’t yet know the scope of these disinformation campaigns beyond those pre-defined parameters. Google reports that in an examination of its ad products, it discovered only…

Samung’s Gear IconX earbuds find life outside the gym

Far and away the question I get asked the most when I’m wearing a pair of AirPods is: do they stay in? It’s a fair question, and for the answer is, yes, but probably not for everyone. I like the wireless earbuds quite a bit, but they suffer the same issue as practically every Apple headphone before them — the hard plastic design is a bit unforgiving for different sized ears. I haven’t had an issue getting them to stay put during workouts, and day to day use, but individual experiences may differ. That’s a disclaimer that ought to appear on every wearable review from now on. Samsung’s Gear IconX, on the other hand, are a different beast altogether. And really, that’s the beauty of them. Samsung’s keenly aware of what’s driving wearable purchases these days, and it’s no coincidence that the latest version of its wireless earbuds appeared alongside the Gear Sport. Like its predecessor, the new IconX is explicitly built with fitness in mind. With that, comes swappable silicone tips and a…